Agreement signed with GSF/UN-Habitat for Follow-up Program in Sarlahi



 STANDS-Nepal is working in 31 VDCs of Sarlahi district to support the district ODF campaign with supports from GSF/UN-Habitat since 24th April 2014. The first phase cooperation agreement (CA) was concluded on 23rd April 2016. During this period STANDS-Nepal supported D-WASH-CC Sarlahi and respective V-WASH-CCs of program VDCs and able to achieve 6 VDCs (around 20%) to gain ODF status. In this process, STANDS-Nepal became able to support Farahadwa VDC to be the 1st ODF declared VDC of Sarlahi district. Moreover, as of July 2016 around 12,000 toilets were promoted with facilitation of STANDS-Nepal. Overall, the current sanitation status of 31 program VDCs is 54 percent which shows an increment of 28% from baseline status. 

Consequently, STANDS-Nepal signed an agreement dated 16th July 2016 with GSF/UN-Habitat for one year follow-up program to work in remaining 25 program VDCs of Sarlahi district. The total budget for this follow-up program is NRs. 1,15,32,938 (USD 1,08,352).  The Village Community Development Center (VCDC) of Haripur, Sarlahi is working as the new local partner with STANDS-Nepal in this follow-up phase.