Completed Projects

Since its inception STANDS – Nepal has completed in total 35 numbers of projects comprising around 41 percent related to Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). By sector, other completed projects are related to capacity building/livelihood promotion, rural infrastructure/natural resource management and research & studies.
Following are the highlights of some major projects undertaken by the organization:
Promotion of Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI) Resource Center in Forestry Sector:
Client Multi Stakeholder Forestry Program (MSFP) Project District Kaski and Kapilbastu
Budget NPR 41,98,117.20 Total Person Month 58 person months (experts)
Start Date 14 March, 2014 End Date 10 July, 2015

STANDS-Nepal provided facilitation support to Western Forest Regional Directorate (RD) and Western Forest Regional Training Center (RTC) to carry out this pilot project with the financial support from MSFP under Innovation Fund Program. The project was targeted to improve in-house human resource capacity at regional and district level forestry organizations (RD, RTC, DFO etc) to manage and conduct GESI training; increase GESI sensitivity in strategic planning, data/information collection and its use in monitoring and evaluations; develop GESI training manual for forestry sector; and promote GESI Resource Center at Western Forest Regional Training Center, Pokhara for knowledge management and dissemination. (Read More)

Community Empowerment and Promotion of Livelihood Program (CEPLP), Kapilbastu:
Client Poverty Alleviation Fund(PAF)/World Bank Project District Kapilbastu(working in 7 program VDCs)
Budget NPR 2,06,82,226.00(total for 10years) Total Person Month 840 person months (experts)
Start Date 21 January, 2005 End Date 15 July, 2015 (contract extended annually)

STANDS-Nepal as a Partner Organization (PO) of Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) has conducted social mobilization, community awareness, capacity building and empowerment activities in 7 (seven) VDCs (namely Ganeshpur, Ramnagar, Vidyanagar, Bhagwanpur, Bisanpur, Krishnanagar and Sirsihawa) of Kapilbastu district since 21st January 2005 targeting to improve the living conditions, livelihoods and socio-economic empowerment of the rural poor with especial attention to "hard core poor" of the program VDCs. 

Under this project STANDS-Nepal formed, oriented/trained and worked with 86 Community Organizations (COs). In total, 3376 households with 23491 populations were affiliated as direct beneficiaries in these COs. Besides the implementation of income generation (IG) activities, some micro infrastructure projects (such as bridge, culvert, gravel rural road, school building, water supply schemes etc) have also been constructed following the community managed demand-driven participatory approach. The program budget for IG and infrastructure activities are directly transferred to the CO bank account by PAF, which is around NPR 6 crore till July 2015.(Read more)

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