Human Resources

In total, 87 key professional staffs/experts (35% women) on multidisciplinary sectors having significant experience in their related field including support staff are currently working with STANDS-Nepal for the on-going projects/programs being undertaken by the organization. 

List of Key Professionals/Experts and Support Staffs







Areas of Expertise








 Socio– Economist/Community Development Expert



 4 nos




 Public Health Expert 


  2 nos



 Sociologist / Social Mobilization Expert


  5 nos



 Trainers/GESI Expert


  4 nos



 Water Supply & Sanitation/Environmental Engineer


  3 nos



 Social Mobilizers/Facilitators/Sanitation Triggerer


  57 nos



 Overseer /Community Technician


  4 nos



 Administration/Finance and Support Staff


  8 nos




 87 nos


 Moreover, the organisation deserves a pool of highly competent professionals/experts with technical and social background, who have involved as part time expert in several projects/assignments undertaken by this organisation in the past and accomplished the work in an effective manner.